Sincerely, IDA Thesis Show 2023

Alexia Romandia

The development of brand Identity and design is something I have grown deeply fond of throughout my university experience. Exploring typefaces, textures, and color palettes to emote the essence of a company is an experience that allows you to express yourself creatively in a real world setting in a determined market. Salve is a luxury traveling agency which creates tailored experiences for maximum comfort and relaxation. The name Salve is a latin greeting that can be used as hello and goodbye, which is fitting for our services, where we welcome our clients and invite them to comeback to book another experience with us. Salve is the ultimate middle man in between what you want, and how to get it, we offer everything from private charters, personal shoppers, chauffeurs, private chefs, and whole trip outlines from start to finish. Let us be your concierge wherever you go.