Fall 2023 Illustration, Design, Animation Capstone

Beatris Lipovat

“Revive” is not just a Pilates Reformer studio; it’s a personalized journey to renewal, encompassing the revitalization of body, mind, and spirit. Founded by Beatris Lipovat, Revive is a sanctuary for holistic well-being, promising more than just a workout. The concept revolves around the transformative experience of breath, movement, and mindfulness, with energizing workouts designed to uplift the spirit. The studio emphasizes holistic wellness, offering personalized training sessions and fostering a supportive community of “Revivers.” The logo, representing calmness and completeness, reflects the essence of Revive. The benefits range from stress reduction and improved sleep quality to empowerment, confidence, and social interaction. At Revive, the aim is not only to revive but to thrive, creating an oasis of well-being where individuals rediscover strength and live their best lives. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, revitalization, and thriving together.