University of Arizona
College of Fine Arts - School of Art

BFA Capstone

Brianna Salazar


Inspired by a character design assignment I had done in my animation class, I have created a scarecrow with a Jack-O-Lantern named Elwood, and a story in the form of an animation of how Elwood met his new friends, Frank Coleman, and Frank’s granddaughter, Beatrice Coleman. The story is that Elwood died in 1910, but didn’t cross over to heaven since he still had unfinished business in the mortal world, where he devoted his life and soul to tending his farm. He got reincarnated into the scarecrow on his farm and had been tending his farm in secret for several decades. His farm was sold to Frank Coleman, an old rancher who wanted to expand his land and give his granddaughter a better life. However, what they both don’t know is that the original farm owner is still haunting the farm…

Initially, this project was going to be a short animated film of a story that I had been developing for well over a year now, however, I haven’t finished it due to time constraints. I wanted to show my preliminary work, the animatic, and what I had animated so far, so I organized the final product of the project to make it look as if it was a pitch for a new upcoming animated film to a cartoon company, to not only show the work I had done but to also show my communication skills to future clients and businesses.