Fall 2023 Illustration, Design, Animation Capstone

Bunny Cue

Gusot sa Dugo (Tangled in Blood) is a modern take on classic mythical Filipino folklore. Focusing on the lonely and dark romantic world of vampires as never represented before with the Filipino Aswang.

Using the practices of vent art, Gusot sa Dugo is a body of work that I am using to show old and traditionally spoken pieces of folklore through illustrating visuals from the lense of a queer experience.

For better or for worse, horror monsters have the power to resonate with queer people and our experiences of being outcasted, feared, & judged for our bodies. Feeling belonging in not being able to belong. Gusot sa Dugo is a love letter to not only the western vampirism I grew up with but my love for the creepy folklore of the pacific islands.