Sincerely, IDA Thesis Show 2023

Chyla Gonsowski

A more in-depth project of a species I had made a while ago called, Corrumites. The named of the Corrumites comes from the words, corrumpere, root Latin word for corruption and mite, like bug or parasite, put together. The Corrumites are man made creatures that were used as weapons of war, but slowly over time got ruled over by the corrupt council of the capital city, Zycoriax. A team of hidden heroes plan to put an end to the council and the insectoids minions along with an unlikely friend who shares the same origin as the enemy.

I wanted to show illustrations of the Dystopian world of which the story takes place, and character sheets of the main heroes, along with the original species information chart. I just have a love of science fiction stories and I want to capture the sense of an alternate reality and danger for this world that I’m creating here.