Sincerely, IDA Thesis Show 2023

Grace Rhyne

Found material has been the essential axis that the larger body of my work has (r)evolved around. Being resourceful has always been a necessity. Reflecting on how I went from using trash to make art to painting trash using the skills I’ve learned feels like a full circle moment! This project is a testament to my journey as an artist.

But it’s all about using that skill set to discuss and create meaningful messages, right?

In a broader cultural context, this work is about our single use, throw-away culture. Moreover, how we discard things in abundance. We ignore what we don’t want to see. We feel no responsibility or empathetic concern to care for our everyday surroundings. How many times have you seen trash somewhere inappropriate and done nothing about it? I have done that a lot. I think about all the disposable masks flying around. All the to-go coffee cups I’ve thrown out. Stepping over trash on a walk.

By elevating the discarded back into pristine spaces, I am considering how place matters. Considering personal responsibility, the act of community caretaking, and hoping to emphasize global accountability. I hope to give a new perspective to an enduring problem.