University of Arizona
College of Fine Arts - School of Art

BFA Capstone

Jeremiah Garcia

The Feral Commander Urswyn

The premise of my capstone project was to create a character for a roleplaying video game that is in the same style as Dark Souls™ and Elden Ring™. In these games, the gameplay centers around the main character that progresses through the story of the game by defeating various major bosses that all have their own unique mechanics and lore. Urswyn, the character depicted in this project, is meant to fill the role of a major boss that the player will encounter as they fight their way through the fallen kingdom of Djiursk in order to restore the kingdom back to its rightful order. The experience I sought to gain through the completion of this project is how to properly design and develop a unique character that can be used in a video game. I have gained a better grasp on the video game character design process alongside the relationship between concept artist and character artist. More specifically, I learned what assets are needed in order to bring a character to life in a 3D video game.