BFA Capstone
2020 BFA Capstone

Kristin Valencia

Quarantine Tips and Tricks

I knew for my senior thesis project I wanted to solve a problem going on in the world today. Little did I know that I would choose the biggest problem of the year. At the beginning of this project I wanted to create three infographic posters to help spread awareness on how to prevent COVID-19 from spreading within the US. At the time, my idea was to give the posters to elementary schools around Tucson, Arizona. After being quarantined, I realized that I had to find a different way to get my infographics out to the public. I decided that Instagram would offer the best platform for my infographics to be seen by many in the general public. I created an Instagram page called @Quarantine_tips_n_tricks. My focus for the Instagram page was to make sure I was putting out positive content. As of now, I have posted nine and plan on continuing to post more. Every three posts are designed to correspond with one another to keep the page’s aesthetic consistent. My first three posts where originally intended to be the three infographic posters I was going to create for elementary schools. I focused my next three posts on mental health because not everyone’s living situation is ideal right now. My last three posts are on social distancing because not everyone is following the stay at home order and I wanted to challenge myself to make positive content to spread awareness without using scare tactics. As I follow COVID-19 updates, I will continue to put out content to spread positive tips and tricks to encourage people to practice healthy behaviors both physically and mentally during quarantine.