BFA Capstone
2020 BFA Capstone

Lia Hernandez

The Last Bus Home

A project rooted in my interest in narratives in various forms ranging from auditory to visual. This project focuses on developing the designs of characters in a fiction podcast titled “The Last Bus Home.” Based on my many excursions on public transportation, this story focuses on the life of “The Part-Timer”; her interaction with other bus patrons, her struggling editorial ambitions, the small town she now resided, ghosts from her pass (in the form of unanswered voicemails), and various small town lore. This non-narrative illustration narrative revolves around the theme of transition, whether in entering a new job, a new age, or taking on new titles, the need to change as one grows regardless of how reluctant one may be at the thought. The Part-Timer and other characters don’t have a proper name, their titles indicating who they are at the moment. As I find myself on the precipice of a major transition, I focus on creating the appearance and design of a story that conveys the anxieties of change and growth.