BFA Capstone
2020 BFA Capstone

Paola D'Gyves

RoyalBlue Airlines Mobile App

For my thesis project I decided to expand on a sub airline brand I created for KLM Airlines and design an app. RoyalBlue works on a membership basis and is aimed at young entrepreneurs. What makes my app different from others is that once you fill out your profile, you can book and rebook flights with just the click of a button. Once you check-in to your flight it provides you with a list of the members that are also on that flight and gives you the option to connect with them if an entrepreneurial opportunity arises. If your privacy is important, you have the option to turn off your profile and decide who you want to meet on your terms. Today, technology connects society in ways we never imagined. RoyalBlue provides a bridge between digital connectedness and real-life interactions that can form the foundation for the future of entrepreneurship.