Paola Roman

For my Thesis project  I decided to make a children’s book based on a comic I made four years ago. This was a project I had been wanting to revisit for a long time and that I’ve continued to think about throughout these years. Therefore, I redesigned my characters and changed the story a little bit. I wanted to create a fairy tale that talked about personal struggles and how asking for help or accepting help it totally ok.

This project is a sneak peek into the world and the characters I’ve build. I’m hoping to finish writing and illustrating this book and eventually self-publish it.


A little Prince has been exiled from his kingdom to a rose garden. However, the garden has grown very nasty thorns. The prince makes it his mission to restore the garden to what it once was. The task is easier said than done. He was struggling and frustrated when a flower deity come across the garden and offer to help. While the little Prince did not want help at first, he accepted the help after the little Flower convinced him. Then, they go to an adventure to find the cure to make the garden bloom again.