Sophie Baygents


To combat the environmentally-negative effects of the cosmetic industry and their packaging, I designed a fictional brand that provides top-quality makeup with ornate craftsmanship. By including these unique, beautiful details, customers will feel more obliged to keep the compact as a personal showpiece.

The idea for my brand stems from Aesop’s Fables, also identified as the “Aesopica”, a collection of stories written by a Greek slave and story-teller, of the same name, around 7th-6th century BCE. Each of his stories teaches a lesson for the reader to apply, either to their own life or to pass onward. Greek and Latin manuscripts were a common transmission of these fables, but from Ancient Greece to the Renaissance to present day, Aesop’s Fables have touched various cultures and mediums; They’ve been told through oral tradition, storybooks, theater, film, architecture, and now, cosmetics.