University of Arizona
College of Fine Arts - School of Art

BFA Capstone

Tori Pacheco

Nothing’s New

The study of physics, and especially theoretical physics, has always had a strong impact on me, and I wanted my final thesis animation to have a theme that I resonated with. There is a concept in physics that says that matter is not created nor destroyed. I took this simple line, but endlessly complex theory, and combined it with a song that perfectly encapsulates the sentiment—Nothing’s New by Rio Romeo. The animation follows the flow of the music, having the abrupt changes and the beat of the lyrics combine with the visuals in order to tell the story. I wanted it to represent a cycle, a repetition as things end and begin, going back to the circle of life. The narrative is merely that everything goes back to reform and renew, no matter how permanent it all seems. In the grand scheme of things, absolutely nothing is new, from the formation of the galaxy itself to the rings and roots of a tree. In the end, all pieces of matter become something else, and in the beginning, they were once another thing before this current existence. It shows this skewed perspective of reincarnation and the mighty cosmos of space and time with the Law of Conservation of Mass to ground this concept of nothing being new.