University of Arizona
College of Fine Arts - School of Art

BFA Capstone

Alisha Stadler

RIFFRAFF is a fun and vibrant brand for a coffee franchise. After researching current coffee franchises and creating a survey to better understand the appeal of coffee shops, I designed a stylescape to fit with the fun and relaxed theme I wanted to pursue. Once I created the logo by altering a typeface that I felt fit with the brand, I worked on creating materials for a full in-store experience. My vision for the interior of the store included having a section dedicated to selling on-the-go and take-home options, which led me to design bags for ground coffee, as well as cans for various coffee and tea products. Along with this, I designed paper cups for hot drinks, as well as two tumbler variations for customers to purchase in the store. To round off the in-store experience, I designed a full menu board to be mounted above the order counter, staff t-shirts, and posters that reflect the brand. To complete my project, I created a branding guide that outlines the main mission and audience of the franchise, with details for logo and typeface usage as well. My intention for this project was to fully develop a brand from the ground up and exhibit my ability to design materials that fit within the theme.