University of Arizona
College of Fine Arts - School of Art

BFA Capstone

AnneMarie Standridge

This project focuses on character design for what could be used for a video game or comic. Inspired by the Dark Souls series, Berserk and Blasphemous; my project was meant to switch gender roles and have a darker setting with a deeper meaning. My main character, Cerise the Bereaved, represents what women in main roles don’t get to be; older, not bright eyed, and rugged. My antagonist, The Ponti, represents what men in most roles aren’t, delicate and vulnerable. In all, the story goes into great detail about the dangers of total worship; whether that be religion or something more personal like revenge.

Cerise the Bereaved was a knight of the Orcholithis church but took a leave once she had found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, because of the mysterious petrication disease, Cerise became inicted and her uterus petried causing her child to be born still and her never having the ability to bear children again. Lost and confused, she is found by the Renement Order, a secret order that has found the cure for the petrication disease but is being hunted by the church, and is cured. The Order unveils the corruption happening within the church and Cerise points the blame of innocent lives lost to petrication to The Ponti.

The Ponti has been part of the Church of Orcholithis since he was a child. Regarded for his natural beauty, he quickly rose in ranks because of his visual resemblance to the Goddess of Life and his devotion to her. But his deep devotion led to his petrication of his eyes. The church revealed the secret to The Ponti, once the inicted dies their souls compress into an emerald like stone which can be used to halt the petrication process. The Ponti’s mask conceals his aiction and in the center of the forehead is an emerald to stop any further petrication.