Damian Corrales

For my thesis project, I would like to propose the idea and development of a new urban t-shirt brand titled: Paradigm. This brand would focus on graphic t-shirts that highlight architecture with an artistic twist to drive attention to the masses.

Purpose and Insights:

The most popular graphic t-shirts usually consist of a company’s name or logo (Vans, Volcom, The North Face. ETC.) with small rudimentary shapes, or large-scale character graphics or landscape art, with high contrasted colors and oversized lettering. The function of my brand would be to add a level of class and structure to its designs while maintaining the cool and vibrant nature of urban lifestyles. To be more specific, when I say urban, I mean the young, hip, skater/modern crowd that favors individuality and rebellion as part of their mindset. While architecture itself may not appeal to this younger crowd, it is an artform that still reaches everyone minds and hearts due to the sheer scale and depth many buildings hold. Paradigm Designs takes into mind and adds artistic elements to create a scene that captivates community and individuality


I started my research with looking at current popular urban brands to get and understanding what is most sought after in these deigns and find a common element or theme.     I began testing out what colors worked best and understand what kind of scale I want to work with in order to make sure my designs were within a comfortable standard.

I also determined which city’s/buildings I wanted to represent my vision for the brand. I looked for building with interesting construction and cities with memorable layouts. From there it was a matter of altering their image to suit Paradigm’s.

Elements and Content:

Buildings and cityscapes are the main element that is used in every design. No city or building will be too small to represent so long as it has prevalence withing the community and shares the vision of urban style. I don’t just simply want a picture of the Chrysler Building in an 8×8 frame on a t-shirt. I would want the building to be main focal point while the background does something outlandish to keep your attention.  Or focus on the attribute of the building itself. Paradigm is a reflection of humanities hard work and dedication, while also turning their work into even more of an eye catching spectacle.