Stefany Schumack

For my capstone project, I wrote and illustrated the first two chapters of an original comic called Ghost Grabbers! Ghost Grabbers! is a supernatural, comedy adventure following Robin, a girl who starts a fraudulent spirit cleansing business to make a quick buck. However, things don’t turn out as planned for Robin when she realizes ghosts are not only very real, but also that one has made a cozy home in her backpack. I plan on continuing the story of Ghost Grabbers! after graduation and posing updates to it on the comic websites Tapas and Webtoons under the name Stefany Doodles.

The comic is planned to premiere on both sites on June 7th. With this project I practiced many skills such as character design, writing, and of course, comic making. I had a ton of fun while creating Ghost Grabbers! and learned a lot about storytelling and the making of sequential art. Please click the attached PDF to read.