Taylor Vandenburgh

My capstone project explores the idea of human and animal DNA being intertwined to create new creatures. I combined the human body with 3 different animals to create these new species; an eel, a porcupine, and a lizard. Each creature has specific traits, abilities, and anatomies that are unique to their DNA. The biography for each character is as follows:

Tenebris: This creature, whose name means “darkness,” contains human and eel DNA. She resides in the deep sea and is extremely dangerous. With her electrocution, strength, speed, and carnivorous tendencies, she often kills for pleasure. She can swim up to 20 mph, has razor sharp teeth, and enjoys suffocating her victims. Avoid this creature at all costs.

Acies: This creature contains human and porcupine DNA. She lives in the deep, desolate mountains in a house made of moss and rock. She watches over the creatures of the forest and protects them from any predators that may harm their utopic environment. She is extremely fast, agile, has nocturnal abilities, and can project her quills out of her arms and legs while fighting. She does not kill for pleasure, but is also not to be underestimated- she can kill faster and more efficiently than anything else in the forest.

Renati: This creature contains human and lizard DNA. She lives in the warm and tropical climate of Australia and enjoys regulating her body temperature on large boulders. She is a fairly neutral creature, who will not attack unless provoked, but still has many defensive and offensive abilities. She can regenerate her limbs, is nocturnal, can use her tail as a whip, and can run up to 60mph. She is a mostly peaceful creature, but should not be provoked; it may be the last thing you ever do.

Behance profile link: https://www.behance.net/taylorvandenburgh