University of Arizona
College of Fine Arts - School of Art

BFA Capstone

Saedi Wadman


For my capstone project I wanted to push outside of my comfort zone through the pursuit of world building and concept exploration. I enjoy character design, and while I don’t have much experience with it myself, I find concept art and the world building process to be fascinating. As such, my project is a sort of faux show pitch focusing on character designs with additional concept sketches. Due to the nature of the story, each party member has two stylized versions to represent their getting used to the world in which they have found themselves.

Story Summary:

The story follows a party of four adventurers after they get whisked away to another world while fighting an entity known as The World Eater. During the battle, they get caught up in a massive spell and wake up in the middle of a clearing in an unfamiliar forest. While the world they are from resembles a traditional fantasy world, with monsters and dragons and magic, the one they are sent to is populated by creatures resembling the monsters of their own world. The forest they find themselves in is near a smaller town in this world, where much of the area is farmland, and are met by one of the townsfolk who is a skeleton cowboy. They are startled and assume he is hostile, but then fall back because he means no obvious harm and they are in no shape to go fighting random strangers. They are brought to the town and introduced to the mayor, who is a dragon, and the party becomes further agitated. They are eventually calmed down and come to an agreement with the mayor. He allows them to stay until they have recovered or have found a way back home, but they must be of some use to the community. As there are no monsters to fight in this world, they must learn other ways to be useful to the town and confront their own biases. They also find that they never knew each other all that well, and develop stronger friendships in the process. The overarching narrative is a slice of life style story, following the party members as they try to find a way home.